Govik's Realm
Server Ports

Here you will find a list of ports for all my servers.

The host/ip address to connect to my servers is simply

Sometimes you must specify a port when connecting to a host/ip address.
To do this you simply put a : between the host/ip address and the port

For example:

Generally speaking when a server is using the default port, only the server host/ip address needs to be used to connect.

If there are multiple servers for the same game or engine, like the Source engine, you need to specify the port.

Below is a list of ports just like in the above example simply use

to connect to the appropriate server.

Most of the games I host can be connected to by opening the console (typically the tilde key ~ , (NOTE: must be enabled in source engine games)

and enter connect

As mentioned earlier if the server is using the default port then you shouldn't need the port to connect.

I will specify below which servers are using the default port.

Source Engine Servers
Game Port Is Default
Counter-Strike:Global Offensive 27015 Yes
Half-Life 2 Deathmatch 27016
Day of Defeat:Source 27017
Golden Eye:Source 27018
Insurgency 27020
Zandronum Servers
Game Mod Gamemode Port Is Default
Ultimate DOOM Brutal DOOM Survival Coop 10666 Yes
DOOM 2 Brutal DOOM Survival Coop 10667
DOOM 2 Brutal DOOM/BYHAE Cooperative 10668
DOOM 2 Brutal DOOM/SkullTag Deathmatch 10669
Plutonia Brutal DOOM Survival Coop 10670
TNT Brutal DOOM Survival Coop 10671
DOOM 2 Stronghold Cooperative 10672
DOOM 2 SkullTag DeathMatch 10673
Ultimate DOOM Brutal DOOM/DOOM:One Cooperative 10674
Ultimate DOOM Aliens TC Cooperative 10675
Ultimate DOOM Real Guns Hardcore/DTWiD Cooperative 10676
DOOM 2 Real Guns Hardcore/DE_Dust2 Team Deathmatch 10677