Govik's Realm

No More Room in Hell MOTD

• Briefing •

• Welcome to Govik's Realm, a No More Room in Hell Server!

• This server is administered with, and extended by, SourceMOD. I have multiple plugins to extend and enhance the gameplay experience.

• Tips For New Players •

• We have a MANUAL! Open up your MAIN MENU and click on the PLAYER'S SURVIVAL GUIDE icon to access it!
• Remember to check your COMPASS for objectives! Hit "C" by default.
• Remember, you can CHECK AMMO by holding the RELOAD key! Hold "R" by default.
• You can view your INVENTORY and EQUIP WEAPONS by opening the INVENTORY radial by holding "1" by default.
• You can SHARE AMMO with other players by opening the AMMO radial by holding "2" by default!
• Don't forget, you can use VOICE COMMANDS to communicate with your team! Open the VOICE COMMAND radial by holding "3" by default.
• VOICE and CHAT have a limited distance other people can only hear you from so far away unless you both have WALKIE-TALKIES.
• You are INFECTED if you see veins growing around the border of your screen, and your hearing/vision is growing faint.
• You are BLEEDING if your character is grunting, there's a BLEEDING flash on your border, and there's a trail of blood coming out of your body. You cannot SPRINT if you are BLEEDING.
• You are at LOW HEALTH if your screen starts to lose color.
• If you are BLEEDING you can find BANDAGES to stop it. EQUIP them through the INVENTORY, and then LEFT CLICK. FIRST AID KITS can stop BLEEDING as well. You can also stop BLEEDING by fully healing yourself with a FIRST AID STATION.
• If you are at LOW HEALTH, you can use FIRST AID KITS to heal yourself. EQUIP them through the INVENTORY, and then LEFT CLICK.
• Keep in mind that other players can see the exact light cone from your MAGLITE, so make sure you are pointing it somewhere useful!
• If you find them, you can use PHALANX pills to stem off infection for a few minutes! Consume them by clicking on them in the INVENTORY!

• Server Rules •

• No racism or bigotry.
• No flaming or being disrespectful ('joshing' or 'razzing' is okay).
• Only moderate amounts of swearing (ocassional swearing is okay as long as it doesn't break the above rules and isn't used too excessivly).
• No hacks or exploits.
• No mic or chat spamming.
• No team killing and avoid friendly fire.
• Avoid walking/crossing into friendly's line of fire unless you have communicated so with friendly first and it's safe to cross.
• Avoid blocking other players (for example give players room to back up in narrow passages and doorways).
• Be a team player and work together as a team, if there are any objectives than work as a team to complete them.
• Please follow admin's instructions
• Don't be a poor sport, it's a game try and have some fun!

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