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Welcome to the Smooth Operators Arma 3 page.
Below you will find the required mods to play on our server.
As well as links to videos and guides that may help improve your arma game.

To play on our server you will need different mods depending on what content and other mods we are running also referred to here as a preset. Content mods add things like factions with gear, weapons, and vehicles that reflect said faction. The factions we use are era specific like the Unsung mod which adds vietnam era factions or Star Wars Oposition which adds Star Wars factions. We also have other mods that add realism and gameplay mechanics. The presets are themed around specific content mods designed to work with eachother to mimic a specific time period and/or setting.

The mods are available on the steam workshop and I have convenient collections that you can easily subscribe to. All the mods we run can use up a lot of space so it might be best to subscribe to them only if/when you are going to be playing with that particular preset of mods.

Below are the different presets with their associated workshop collections as well as their launcher preset. A launcher preset can be imported to the Arma 3 launcher and then set in the mods tab to automatically enable all the mods needed for that preset then you will have all the mods you need in order to sucessfully join the server. There are presets for players and mission editors. Use the mission editor presets to make missions with. If you have any questions about how to install the mods and presets please contact Govik.

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